Ironman Lanzarote 2014

by James Slade June 06, 2014

 On the 17th May Founder of Nordic Oil, James Slade took on Ironman Lanzarote. Lets admit, an Ironman consisting of a 3.8k swim, 180k bike and finishing on a marathon, is a challenge in itself. However, the ‘unique’ nature of the Ironman hosted in Lanzarote, adds a whole new dimension to the race. The course profile is grueling with its hilly bike profile, not only this, but the wind and heat certainly make the race not just about the physical capacity of an athlete. But a mental battle to push through the brutal race conditions. On reflection, James states;


‘I had done Ironman Lanzarote in 2009, so knew more or less what to expect. My strategy was to swim and bike conservatively, due to a lack of bike volume in my training running up to the race.


James not only performed phenomenally gaining an overall time of 11 hours and 20mins (splits: Swim: 57.18 Bike: 6hours 22mins Run: 3 hours 50mins), but survived and overcame the race conditions;


‘With Lanzarote, there is more about the race than just fitness. The wind and heat really wear you down. It was a great race, and I am very pleased with the overall outcome of the race’


A BIG well done to James, not only the inspiration behind Nordic Oil, but to complete IM Lanzarote in a very respectful time, proves what a great athlete James is. We look forward to following his progress for the rest of the season.



James Slade
James Slade